Genius wedding invitation by Matt Dorfman

Matt Dorfman's wedding invitation

Ok, I know I post a lot of feminine art and design on this blog. I am truly drawn to it and it’s what I do as an illustrator. However, some of my biggest influences are men. Matt Dorfman is one of them, both man and influence.  Here’s his vote poster for the AIGA, and his collaborative project Mammal Magazine (welcome to manville).

Is it any wonder his recent wedding invitation is genius? I’ve never seen such a clever invite. No flowers, no lace, no swirly calligraphy, just their whole entire love story (what a story it is). The design blows my mind and the concept is just perfect.

It’s been almost 2 years since Dave and I got married (follow that link if you are into sap) and I still haven’t put together a wedding book. I’m planning to make a blurb book. Matt’s wedding invitation makes me feel lazy and lame.

Congratulations Matt and Jill.