Festive necklace DIY

felt necklace

ribbon necklace2

I thought it would be fun to fiddle around with soft materials to make some accessories. I came up with a few simple ways to make necklaces/headbands/belts. Here’s how I did it if you want to make one yourself. Maybe you can wear it to a holiday party or give it to a friend. Hey, you could even wrap a gift with one. I’ll just give you a few simple steps, the rest will require experimentation and trusting your own creative instincts.

  • Step 1: wrap a wire with a ribbon. Start with one tip and fold the ribbon around it and tie into a bow then proceed to wrap the whole ribbon like a maypole and when you get to the other end repeat the first step.
  • step 2: Cut felt shapes and sew them together in an interesting configuration. Periodically hold your shapes up to ribboned wire to make sure it’ll be able to be sewn on easily.
  • step 3: Once your shapes are sewn together sew parts of them onto the ribbon, et voila

…if you want to do solely ribbons, no sewing, I just tied bows on to the ribboned wire in select places and on each end so a big bow will tie the ends together around your neck, waist, or head.

If you want to be a whack-ado like me, try to make this one that’s really bow heavy and festive. I went a little nuts with the ribbon but it was fun:
ribbon necklace