Food For Thought: Photographer Erin Gleeson’s glamorous Payard pastry photos + I’m “Smitten”

Before I show you Erin’s fabulous photography check out Joanna Goddard’s post about the funny way I met my husband on the Glamour Magazine blog Smitten.

Erin's Payard Pastry
Erin Gleeson and I met on the rooftop of our building on the night of the big New York black out and have been friends ever since. We share a love for food and art about food. I’m so excited to announce Erin’s exhibit in Manhattan at the Broadway Gallery in Soho on December 19th. Come for holiday sweets and drinks and to see photographs from Erin’s new “Payard Series”, featuring Francois Payard’s desserts. I love the way she juxtaposes glamorous photos and rich fashion textures with luscious pastries in the foreground.

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To read Erin’s blog (Culinography, perfect name huh?)post on the show click here.
Erin Gleeson finds glamour and beauty in cuisine both everyday and exotic in her photography. In the ‘Payard Series’ Erin teamed up with the renowned pastry chef Francois Payard to create ethereal, colorful collages that mingle food and fantasy. I hope to see you at the show!

Erin's Payard Pastry1