Bathing beauties & a weekly round-up

bathing beauties
via Starlet Showcase

Today is my last day of work before a 2 week vacation. I really need it. I have a ton of artwork to do to prep for the surface pattern trade show I’m doing in a month! EEK. Here are some Maquette posts from the week and posts from around the web that I thought would be fun for you to peruse! Come back on Monday, I have one last mini-journal DIY project for you. This one will be really easy, pretty, and so much fun. Ok, here are the links I promised:

  1. How me and my husband met: Smitten blog at Glamour Magazine via A Cup of Joe
  2. Wordle: extract popular words from your blog or your fav blog and make a pretty word cloud
  3. Fabulous Dirty Loves Clean soaps from the Bust Craftacular featuring gift tags with my little designs
  4. A fun fashion blog: Stylings and so on and so forth
  5. Eye on Style from Trust Your Style: A closer look at the people in street style photos
  6. Food For Thought: Erin Gleason‘s stunningly delectable Payard pastry photos *opening tonight*
  7. DIY hostess gift: paper covered match boxes via Creature Comforts
  8. My new starlot pattern chair
  9. Lovely post about the stunning wire work at Anthropologie via Anna Whitford Textiles
  10. My “look on the bright side” poster on Design is Mine. Also which dreamy vintage dress do you like best for Summer? I choose the green velvet one

Have a superb weekend everyone! Thanks for reading Maquette.