Geek Chic

geek chic

I don’t know if anyone’s is really out there or if you are all still enjoying time with your family and friends for the holidays. Either way, I could not resist posting this photo that I found via by katienadine on flickr. I’ve always wanted glasses. I have perfect vision thank goodness but I love love love the way glasses look. Perhaps that’s why I like looking at my husband so much. He’s always in his glasses. I’m sure I like looking at him for other reasons too but I do love his glasses.

I keep seeing pictures around the web of gorgeous girls in geeky glasses. I refuse to pay $80 at American Apparel for faux eyeglasses. I suppose I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled in the little thrift stores I frequent for the perfect pair of geek lenses so I can finally know what it feels like to wear them about.

*anecdote* When I was about 8 I had a crush on this guy Kevin at camp. One day he came in with glasses. I swooned. All day long I thought of what I could say to him and finally arrived at “your glasses make you look sharp”. Really, it may not have been that sharp of a pick up line but it was all my 8 year old brain could think of. He really did look geek chic.

I hope you’re all enjoying your break and eating lots of goodies. I’ll be guest blogging on Indie Fixx on the 29th and back to regular posting on Jan 5th. XO.