Peachy pinks, sorbet oranges, cherry reds… my favorite colors!

sorbet orange

I’m getting everything printed up for the trade-show. Next week I’ll post my experience there. I’m going to get to meet a bunch of other bloggers/designers so that should be fun.

The economy is a wreck though. I hope I’m not sitting in my little colorful booth, with an eager face, surrounded by all of my prints waiting for clients who aren’t going to come. This new year I resolved to be more positive so this will be a good opportunity to attempt a big feat.

The prints above are a small sample of new work. I went for a warm and delicious palette for spring/summer 2010. These colors just feel so dreamy to me.  Actually my Love themed prints with the same color-ways for Valentine’s day were just posted about by the fabulous Holly Becker of Decor8 on her ‘mistress’ blog over at Real Simple called Simply Stated. Wish you all the most lovely weekend dear readers.

**Here are some fabulous links to my fav new or updated sites keep you busy this weekend:

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  3. Hello Lucky
  4. One of my surface pattern pals, Yasmine has an amazing new shop!
  5. Handmade Nation (just finished the documentary and is on a book tour)