The Print Source show: My booth, Jessica Gonacha, Milkshake Crafts, Daisy Janie, & Sara Schmidt

print source april 2009
Jessica Gonacha & Milk Shake Crafts & Daisy Janie booth

Last week I exhibited my work at a surface pattern trade show here in my home town, New York. It was a new experience. I did Surtex last year and really enjoyed it. I made some great contacts and have done some fun work for clients since. I’m still new to all of this though. It’s been only a year.

I decided to try Print Source. It’s more of an apparel/home decor show. I’m glad I did it but learned a lot that I’d do differently for next time. I had so much work and put it up all around my booth. Next time I would make a few large prints and then have all of my prints in little books with categories like home decor, apparel, conversational (paper product). I’m a jump both feet in kind of girl so I had to learn this by doing the show. I can’t wait to show you how some of my prints will be used. Stay tuned for that.

I had the immense privilege of being stationed near some fabulous designers/woman. It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by support and encouragement. We all loved each other’s work and gave feedback on it. It the first show of its kind for all of us. Jessica Gonacha (treasuring blog), who has guest blogged here at Maquette, was in my line of vision, so we’d make happy faces at each other when our booth had visitors, and directly across from me, Milkshake Crafts and Daisy Janie shared a booth. Not only did their booth provide me with eye candy, they supplied me with amazing trail mix for lunch each day. Sara Schmidt was across from me as well. I will post about her work soon too.

After the show, we all went out to dinner and gabbed about surface pattern design and life as an artist/a million other things. It’s incredible to be around passionate artists. At home most of my friends are not pursuing the arts so being around these women going after their goals was fantastic. We’re all going to stay in touch and share what we know and learn along the way. You have to check out their blogs and work!!!