Tyler Bender Journals with my designs on them

Tyler Bender journals with my designs

This week is the culmination of many fun collaborative projects I’ve been working on with some fabulous artists/friends. I’ll be revealing them all in the next few days.

One collaboration that I’m excited to post today is with the talented book-maker Tyler Bender. I’ve been enamoured with his work since I first saw it. Tyler takes vintage books he finds at flea markets and garage sales and remakes them into fabulous journals using a variety of papers from lined, to manila, to graph….etc.

Recently he took some of my designs and made them into these precious journals that I used here. I’m so thrilled with them. I don’t want to reveal too much, too soon, but Tyler and I have something in the works for you!! So if you like these journals stay tuned for more…..soon.

*Read my interview with Tyler and a recent post about his updated etsy shop. For real halcyon memories, here’s one of my first posts ever on Maquette where I mention Tyler’s journals.

Treatzone got my week off to a super start with this extremely warm post about my work. Thanks Sandy & Matthew!