Love book: 40 pages of incredible art & writing on love by 25 artists (perfect for V-day)

LOVE contribution
Cover of Love book

I’m excited to share an art book on “Love” with you. I asked 25 artists & writers—each with a distinct style and voice—to submit a piece inspired by their idea of love (sneak peek below), and then I published them as a book on blurb, a print-on-demand website. The contributing artists hail from around the world. I knew that each one’s interpretation of love would be singular, but with some profound similarities.

Love is the ideal subject for artists to interpret. We all love, but everyone defines love differently in their minds and hearts. We all love differently and the same. We are connected through love and art.

Love is available through blurb for $16.95 for a softcover, $25.95 for a hardcover with a dust jacket, and $27.95 for hardcover with “image wrap.” It contains 40 pages of incredible art including a couple of pages of amazing writing.

Enjoy the book as eye candy or give it as a gift to a loved one, just in time for V-day. If you’d like to share this book with your blog readers feel free to share the link:


Contributing artists include:
Hannah Stouffer, Lilly Piri, Aaron Hogg, Lisa Butterworth, Dan Funderburgh, Samantha Hahn, Erin Loechner, Jesse Breytenbach, Kate Miss, Jessica Gonacha, Kelly Lynn Jones, Yasmine Surovec, Shira Sela, Matthew and Sandy Lynn Davis (Treatzone), Maditi, Amy Sahba, Ez Pudewa, Hijiri Shepherd, Marisa Haedike, Lisa Congdon, Holly Becker, Kate Neckel, Katie Sokoler & Kate Bingaman Burt

Stay tuned for a video preview of the book later this week!!!!!
Love book sample (thumbnails of some work)