A Proper Lady: A rug or wall hanging made of vintage gloves + Abbey’s giving away a love book!

glove rug

Genius wall hanging or rug by Rachel Denny. Almost too precious to step on. via Design Milk
Would you step on these? via my vintage vogue

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Just lovely. I did. I went to a fabulous brunch and met a bunch of amazing lady artists at Lisa and Caroline‘s sunny apt. Caroline made peanut butter french toast and yes it was as good as it sounds! Here’s a recipe I found. I’ll have to get Caroline’s ‘official’ one sometime.

Want a chance to win a love book? Abbey Goes Design Scouting is giving one away, just leave her a comment!

The love book got some more fabulous press from some of my favorite blogs in town. If you want yours to arrive by V-day order soon, though I think love is good all year round.

Thank you to Not Cot, a print a day, Mixed Plate, and Design For Mankind for posting such niceties about the love book!

*I’ll probably most more later on my plate designs for Freddy & Ma but if you read this far in the post and want to check them out. Here’s the link!