Poster round-up: guest post by Kate Miss

We’re so lucky to have Kate Miss guest posting here on Maquette today! Just wait till you see her incredible poster round-up.
Kate Miss guest post: Kate's smokey poster
As you get older, putting posters up on your wall walks a thin line of college dorm decor and chic and hip. I recently became obsessed with finding really cool posters for my apartment after seeing a French poster for Hitchcock’s “The Birds” at an antique fair (which my bank account did not comply with), and then even more after running across a Smokey The Bear poster during a random google search for something unrelated (a kind reader of my blog found it for me on ebay, bless her heart – photo above). I thought I’d share with you some finds I’ve come across of what I deem not too college dorm, but still a bit playful. I also think many of these would be fantastic in a baby or kids room.
Kate Miss guest post: Smokey_all

Not only did the National Association of State Foresters release the amazing state trees poster that hangs on my wall, but it was one of a collection of 15 amazing posters. Steve Nix has them all, and I drool. These are four of my favorites. He says you can contact the NASF or your own state forestry department to find them, but if that draws up visions of you on the phone trying to track someone down there who knows what on earth you’re talking about, keep your eye on ebay!

Kate Miss guest post: movies

I haven’t been able to find that amazing French Hitchcock poster I saw, but these are some other vintage movie posters I love. I have that Wizard of Oz poster reserved in my mind for my future daughter (yeah, I’m weird). If you want originals have some dough to drop, Cinema Masterpieces has the most complete and rare collection I’ve come across. But again, ebay is a great resource.

Kate Miss guest post: unconventional_posters

Then there’s that etcetera category. All those lovely things you find and think, “It’s so lovely I want to hang it on my wall”. I love these vintage Pantone papers, which you can find at 20×26 and from Etsy seller Jamaica. A piece of vintage wallpaper could be great – especially if you find a large-scale pattern that you crop to barely show a repeat. I found this gem at Second Hand Rose. Polaroid’s are bigger than ever, and they can be if you just scan it (yourself or by a professional) and have it printed poster-sized. I think the key is to keep the white part in the scan. (polaroid by me). And lastly, why not scan a page of a favorite book and blow it up? I think a cropped portion to show off the type would look great, and you could keep the scan as is – or manipulate it if you’re crafty like that.

Thank you Sam for inviting me to guest blog! I hope you all come visit me at For Me, For You.


Kate, my husband will kill me if I buy new posters to frame but I think you are leaving me little choice with this incredible round-up. I love all the posters and the ideas you have about polaroids and books. You are a gem! Readers go check out Kate’s blog, it’s fabulous.