Jet set: Our California trip

jet set
We had such an incredible time in Cali. Went all over the place: San Diego, La Jolla, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs. Below are a few pictures we snapped, there are more on flickr. We love California. It’s our favorite place to visit in America. Paris would be our favorite international destination.
California Vacation
California Vacation2
Now we’re back in lovely Brooklyn. There is nowhere we’d rather live. Sometimes we toss the idea of moving someplace new around. We imagine what it would be like to have more space and a less hectic lifestyle. I would love not commuting on the subway. However at heart we’re New Yorkers. Both of us were born here and Brooklyn is just a dream place to live. It’s full of ambitious, creative people, fantastic restaurants, and lots of coffee shops. We just like the energy of the place. We’d certainly be happy with shorter winters and more trees though. That’s why we’ll jet off to Cali when we can. It’s chilly here but spring is just around the corner, I can see the signs popping out all around the neighborhood.

header photo via my vintage vogue