Souther Salazar: Last Year’s Man solo show

Souther Salazar

My friend Lisa told me about her friend, this amazing artist Souther Salazar. His name sounds like a super hero alias. His work is amazing and blows me away. I can’t stop looking at his show at Jonathan Le Vine gallery. I am going to try to find the time to go over and check it out in person. I really must.

” Salazar’s dynamic compositions are colorful accumulations of simply drawn characters and their surrounding communities. A single canvas might contain hundreds of narratives and microcosmic worlds within worlds.”

“Salazar’s two-dimensional pieces incorporate mixed-media collage techniques often mirrored in his three-dimensional work, which transforms the surrounding environment, pulling viewers into the picture plane to further explore his representational world. Salazar’s highly imaginative installations are the physical embodiment of the subject matter found in his whimsical paintings. His carefully crafted sculptures feature tiny civilizations of baked-clay human and animal figures living within cities constructed using a variety of found objects.