Craft Magazine fabric now available!

my craft fabric available on etsy and at maker faire through Craft Magazine and Spoonflower

I’m excited to announce that the crafty print I designed for Craft Magazine is now available through Spoonflower. They’re too fabulous…both of them. Here’s Craft Magazine’s post on the matter by Natalie also of the fab blog Coquette.

Anyway, let me know if you pick some up online or at Maker Faire. Tyler Bender and I are going to make a limited run of journals with “crafty” fabric covers that will be available sometime this summer. Check out a limited run he made with my pin-up fabric (also Spoonflower printed).

  1. To pick up some “crafty” fabric visit Spoonflowers etsy shop
  2. To see more photos of the actual fabric check out Spoonflower’s flickr stream

oh and please have the best weekend!!!