the Lady group show opening

Charles Nolan (lady group show)
the Lady show opening
Dallas Shaw's shots from the opening

We were all thrilled with the group show opening last Sat. It’s up till the end of the week btw. Loads of friends and clients showed up and all of us sold pieces! The space was really colorful and our art fit in perfectly. The opening was lively and fun. The pictures above show a cute window decal featuring our show title and names, the store front, some snaps of my work in situ plus people schmoozing/drinking their wine and eating their delectable cupcakes from Whimsy & Spice. I’ll post photos of their amazing sweets later. Thank you again to my fellow artists and to all of our supportive friends who came out in the rain to make us feel loved! Love you all, thank you for supporting our work. Also thank you to all of the bloggers who posted about the show. We’ve got to compile a list and do a big thank you post…

Here’s one last snap of me wearing heels at the show. I might not do that again for a while. I’m 5 months pregnant and my feet were tired at the end of the night. I do love those shoes though.

me (5 mo. preggers at the lady show)