Kindred Desktop Wallpaper Project

Holly and Ez on Kindred
Caitlin Shearer and Jessica Gonacha on Kindred
Holly Becker of Decor8 and Ez Pudewa of Creature Comforts are at it again. Not only do they offer daily inspiration on their incredible blogs but they’re collaborating on a project called Kindred (which launched over the winter) featuring free downloadable wallpapers from artists.

Here’s more info on why they’re doing this: “We appreciate the details, the pretty things others miss, art, design, and the art of living — something as mundane as weeding a flower bed feels so inviting and pleasurable to us. We’re sensitive, we want to help others, we’re girly girls… to us it’s about making the most of the often overlooked little things….No doubt many of you have your own kindred spirits online, those who encourage, share, motivate, comfort… Kindred is a mini celebration of such friendships formed inside the delicate and vast online web.”

I was honored to be one of the artists they chose to create a downloadable desktop wallpaper for people to download during the chilly months.

Check out the latest round of designs for Spring. I love all of them and think I’ll need a new one for each week. They have everything from dreamy pastel colored photos to bold illustrative paintings. Did I mention they’re free?! Check out some of my favorites above from these artists:

  1. Holly Becker
  2. Ez Pudewa
  3. Caitlin Shearer
  4. Jessica Gonacha

check them all out on the Kindred site.