Belt it! Fabulous belts from JCrew, Jennifer Behr, Moss Mills, & Rag and Bone

Belt it!

As my waist line expands with each week being pregnant (22 so far) I miss the days of belting. I am a big belter (exhibit A, B, C, D). I love belting dresses and ethereal tops. This summer that’s not going to be an option. Instead I’ll wear elastic waisted jeans, yes…sad…but very true. I put together a little collection of belts to look at dreamily. The Jennifer Behr is truly a midsummer night’s dream. The price however is more of a nightmare. I think it would look amazing with a white flowing wedding gown for a wedding in the woods. Picture that!! Frankly I’d wear it everyday. I love the rest too. Follow the link to the arrow belt to check out the buckle detail….it’s nice.

  1. Skinny leather belt (in metallic blush) from JCrew
  2. Braided chrystal and chain belt from Jennifer Behr
  3. Moss Mills 3/4″ double buckle belt from Revolve
  4. Arrow belt by Rag and Bone via Shopbop