San Francisco illustrated map

SF map

I’ve always wanted to illustrate a map. Luckily I recently got commissioned by a San Francisco resident to do one of the harbor area where she and her family go for walks. This is what I came up with. Now I’d like to do one for my Brooklyn neighborhood and maybe the westside of Manhattan.

Yesterday was a busy day, I ran around the city showing my portfolio to some design and advertising companies, then I went to see the documentary on Valentino which I reccomend seeing at your local art house theater. What a character he is! Then I met up with one of my best and oldest friends also known as shop darling on the There’s really nothing like spending time with an old friend. We could have stayed together till the sun came up talking and catching up. Now I’m in a great mood for the weekend. I hope you have something fun planned, or something super relaxing.

Thanks again for reading Maquette. XO.