Claire Nereim: Wildflower screenprinted notecards

Claire Nereim screenprinted floral notecards
I’m always happy to get a letter from Claire Nereim. Whenever she adds something to her shop you can be sure I’m going to love it and want it (like her t-shirt co. stymie)!

Her latest shop addition are sets of beautiful wildflower notecards. They would go quite nicely with my Nereim wildflower poster that I’m looking at in my peripheral vision above my computer as I type this post. Frankly, these would be beautiful baby shower, or wedding thank you cards…hmmm I’m thinking baby shower. I can think of a million uses. They’re just stunning.

Check her etsy shop for posters and these new floral cards.

If you haven’t already read it, here’s my interview with Claire.

4 Responses to Claire Nereim: Wildflower screenprinted notecards

  1. Carla | Green and Chic June 29, 2009 at 1:54 am #

    Great cards! I especially love the “wildflowers” ones

  2. Samantha Hahn June 29, 2009 at 6:30 am #

    yea, Claire is great. I love these too.

  3. Jen June 30, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    Found out about your post on Decor8 and I’m glad I did. I really like Claire’s shop! I think I want the constellation notecards, actually. The interview’s great too. It was interesting to hear that she’s even inspired by the music she listens too. I was a music major too! Go figure…

  4. Samantha Hahn June 30, 2009 at 1:36 pm #

    she’s just so great…
    glad you like her work too. I love those constellation cards.

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