Anna Aden photography

anna aden photography
These stunning shots exemplify summer. I’d love to be where that girl is right now.

anna aden photography

The photographs are take by Anna Aden from Sweden (why are Sweds so amazing at art? See Camilla Engman & Elisabeth Dunker).

I spent the 4th of July in a really mellow way this year. We went for a picnic (black bean chili, cornbread, chips, guacamole, and cookies) with friends in a beautiful park near our apt. Then we came home and puttered around and when it got dark went back out for a nice walk in the park with the pooch. We looked for fireflies for a while but when the pooch heard the sound of fireworks in the distance she got very nervous so we had to turn around. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day and delightful evening. The air felt so good.