Michael Jackson painting & letters

Michael Jackson painting

Perhaps the obsessive media coverage will come to a lull now that the memorial service is over. When someone is such a ubiquitous figure I guess the public becomes fascinated. Michael Jackson was especially fascinating. A little while ago I came across one of his original paintings on a piece of cardboard, signed “Mike Jackson”. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s intriguing to me on so many levels. The performative command Mickey has over Goofy and the way Goofy is in aw/shock are just a couple of the aspects that grab me. It’s impossible not to prescribe my own interpretation onto a painting when I’m aware of the artist’s background. I wonder if I would be as interested in this had I not known it’s maker? I’m also including some of his letters in this post. If you want to see more interesting Jackson 5, and Michael paraphernalia such as gig posters, check out this link I found through one of my fav blogs Hi + Low.
Michael Jackson letters