“Bits of my weekend”: Kate Miss series

Bits of my weekend-Kate Miss

Kate Miss of For Me, For You is one of my favorite bloggers and photographers. She shares these perfectly simple, or full of energy moments in her photos. After looking through them you feel like you experienced the world through Kate’s eyes. I think this is harder to do than one might expect. Kate’s shots go far beyond simple documentation to the expression of a feeling or a visceral moment.  She curated some of her favorites for us here at Maquette from her July 4th weekend at a cabin in the woods with a bunch of friends.

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I love Kate’s series so much that I asked a few other blog friends to try it out and share it with us. Tomorrow I’ll share weekend pics from Erin Loechner (Design for Mankind) and Jessica Goldfond (Shiny Squirrel) respectively.

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