New work sneak preview: Midcentury chair prints

*new work* midcentury chairs prints

I’ve been so busy doing pre-Printsource show coverage and getting all of my work together that I’ve scarcely shown you anything new of my own! So here’s one of my favorite print vignettes I designed for the show. To start, I drew loads of midcentury chairs (I do love them) and then played around with various colorways and ideas and repeats. I’d like to have the first one above printed up by Spoonflower and then upholster a chair with it (my husband won’t be thrilled if I get another chair). How meta would that be though?

Wish me luck, I set up the show on Monday. I will be posting regularly through the week….hopefully I’ll have the time to snap shots of my booth E8 and say hi to Peagreen and the other folks I covered here on Maquette.

I hope you have a lovely summer weekend full of fireflies, picnics, swimming, and lounging. I plan to do a little lounging before summer’s out.