Have a great weekend and check out the etsy sale! (plus check out this 50’s animated Jello commercial)

Vintage Vogue 9X12 Bristol Paper

The end of summer is nearing. I’m not ready. I love teaching art to brilliant little kids and will be again in the fall. However, I have so been enjoying doing my own work plus doing freelance illustration and surface pattern design. The year is going to bring about so many changes. The baby is coming in October! There are so many things I want to accomplish before then but I will also need to learn how to juggle career(s) with mom-hood. Should be a very interesting learning experience. I am getting organized myself starting with a sale of lots of original artwork up on etsy. Why hold on to it!? It makes me happy to think that it will be on some one’s wall somewhere, hopefully making them smile. So far some of my favorite pieces have been sold!

Big thanks to these fabulous bloggers for posting about the original art sale on etsy:

Kate of For Me, For You
Natalie at Craft Magazine
Summer at Design is Mine

Have such a lovely weekend everyone. Squeeze some fun out of the last few weeks of summer! Start by watching this 1950’s Jello Commercial.
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