2K by Gingham t-shirts: Samantha Hahn

2K by Gingham

I’m excited to tell you that 2K by Gingham just updated their site with my t-shirt designs. You can pick them up directly online or at a number of shops around the world. Here’s the list. At the bottom of the list are the online shops, find one near you (My Wardrobe in the UK is a nice one). Telegraph UK featured the astronauts tee in their fashion news! Yay.

I took a photo of my husband in the black astronaut tee, my favorite for the boys. It’s a shimmery silver silkscreen on the softest cotton. Love it! As for the girl’s I wear them all and even gave samples to my girlfriends. Gotta get them to pose for photos to add to my website. It’s great to use friends as models! Anyway, hope you like the tees! XO.