Cardboard horse stampede by Ann Wood

Ann Wood's Cardboard Stampede on Maquette

I love Ann Wood’s work. It’s magical. This cardboard stampede is stunning. I would love each and every one of those delicately made horses and love to have them run along my wall.

Want to learn how to make one for yourself from Ann? Here’s her cardboard horse stampede how-to.

Once I posted about Ann’s Magical birds and ship wrecks.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here in Brooklyn it was wickedly hot but we managed to see a film called Still Walking and attend a q&a with the director, go to dinner at a lovely Mexican restaurant with friends, and go out to dinner with different friends for Cuban food. During the Cuban feast we had to huddle under the outdoor table umbrella because of the down pour. We got a little soaked but managed to go out for frozen yogurt after. It was refreshing.

Dave’s friends got him the “dad” camera he wanted for the baby so he tried it out on me for 31 weeks pregnant photos outside our apartment. He also snapped some silhouette photos inside. The camera is great. Can’t wait to use it on Henry when he joins us.