For kids & adults alike: Fabulous wooden items designed for children but for adults to love

Wooden items for kids-adults
Just because I have a little one on the way doesn’t mean that Maquette’s going to turn into a mommy blog. However, I’m more tuned in to kid and baby design items so  I can’t resist showing you some things that cross over into the adult realm nicely. For example I love all of these wooden items and with or without baby could see a place for them in my home. How about you? Have you ever picked up something that was designed for a kid just for yourself? Or for your kid but secretly for you too?

  1. Alexander Girard Alphabet blocks- SF Moma
  2. Wooden forest animals- Oompa
  3. Wooden picture book- Romp
  4. Blank Matryoshka (paint it yourself)- Romp
  5. Sculpted wooden animals- Romp
  6. Organic wooden airplane- Nuno