Klas Ernflo: Black and white drawings

Klas Ernflo

I love these drawings but Klas Ernflo. He used black pen on big paper sheets.

See more of Klas’s amazing work on his site or flickr.

Luckily tonight my husband’s fever broke and we were able to walk the pooch around the block a few times. The heat seemed to melt and Brooklyn felt so fresh and new. I love the beginning of new seasons. Just when you are getting burned out on the dark and cold of winter everything thaws. Just when the humidity feels like a major burden, weather like today happens and you get the chance to step back and take note, to start fresh, to appreciate where you’ve been and where you’re going. On our sojourn around the block we looked at the clear sky and bright moon and remarked that this is what the air will feel like when Henry comes (that’s the little guy cooking right now in my belly). So soon. What a lovely time of year for him to join us. I’m looking forward to autumn.