Red Heads

redheads on facehunter

  1. Berlin via Facehunter
  2. Copenhagen via Facehunter
  3. Paris via Facehunter
  4. Warsaw via Facehunter

Hi Maquette friends! I hope you had such a lovely weekend. I can’t believe summer is over. I refuse to accept it.

We had such a nice weekend up at my parent’s house going for long walks, laying in the hammock, eating delicious meals on the porch and enjoying the fresh air. The weather was so perfect, warm days and cool nights.

I can’t believe that in 6-8 weeks we’ll be a bigger family. My mom and I talked a lot about things we’ll do with Henry when he comes, how next summer we’ll get a little inflate-a-pool for the patio so he can take a dip. Crazy to think we’re having a kid!

Labor day we came back to Brooklyn (snapped some shots of me at 33 weeks pregnant) and went to a bbq/brownstone backyard shin-dig and ate grilled corn, drank iced tea and finished it all off with cookie-ice cream sandwiches. I was both happy and sad while indulging the last big of quintessentially summer food.

I do love autumn though, crisp air, starry nights, sweet smelling colorful leaves crunching under foot. So there’s a lot to look forward to! Here are some red heads I collected from Face Hunter. I love their look. They look so great in autumn with their rosy cheeks and fiery locks.