Bauble bauble toil and trouble


I love these beautiful baubles, so round and clean:

  1. Philip Crangi gold ring (I covet this one)
  2. Satya gold flat hoop earrings
  3. Alexis Bittar gold triple link necklace
  4. Satya gold bangles

Went out for dinner with our friends in Red Hook, Brooklyn last night and sat outside in the garden. Ate citrus tapenade (olive tapenade with lemon juice, melted mozzarella and lemon zest), shaved leek and sliced apple salad with shredded parmesan and lettuce, gruyere fondue with crispy toast wedges. Being in Red Hook reminds me of Erie Basin where the beautiful, delicate Philip Crangi ring lives and of course the stunning jaw dropping Conroy & Wilcox rings.

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  1. Elise September 10, 2009 at 11:32 am #

    Hello, lovely post. Really enjoyed reading some of your site – perfect ! Thanks for sharing & lovely to say hi too…

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