Sub-Studio Guest Post: To look at and play with

to look at and play with

I’m in love with Anna’s (of Sub-Studio) post today. These items are perfect nursery decor but also fun for a baby/kid to play with. To me that’s the perfect balance- form and function. Thanks for these swoon worthy picks Anna, I want them all!

  1. First up is the Rufus the Polar Bear rocker by Netto. It’s nice to see something other than the standard horse. I love how the polar bear looks like he’s cruising on a sled.
  2. I also love these iconic mirrors by Petit Collage – shaped like an apple and an elephant and with some pretty sweet, engraved detailing to boot!
  3. When Henry gets older he’s going to need a place to store all of his colored pencils and paints (because you KNOW that Sam is going to impart some of her awesome artistic skills to this child). Paige Russell’s North American Wild Life series of matte white glazed stoneware ‘anything holders’ are perfect for the discerning little boy (and girl)…