Guest Post from Sub-Studio: Artwork for a baby nursery

art for a baby nursery- sub-studio guest post

Please welcome half of the super talented duo behind Sub-studio and The Working Proof, Anna Capron.

When the time come for Sean and I to start our own family, I think one of the things I’m going to enjoy preparing for the baby’s arrival the most is decorating the nursery. I love art, and kid’s prints are especially fun and colorful. Here are a few of my favorites (plus a plug for a set of our own prints):

  1. Petit Collage’s Animal Alphabet Poster
  2. Night Owl Paper Good’s Bamboo Koalas. This is actually a card, but I would totally use it as a print instead
  3. (And last but not least) Sub-Studio our Nursery Rhyme prints. Three of our favorite childhood rhymes, turned into prints

I was lucky enough to be given the sub-studio nursery rhyme prints for Henry from Anna and Sean. I can’t wait to set up a nursery for him when we move, with these stunning and graphic prints as a centerpiece.

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  1. Cat Sitter in the City November 19, 2009 at 10:48 am #

    These prints are wonderful. I’d actually use them in my office, and I am not a baby!

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