Sub-Studio Guest Post: Bosse Brass Figures

Bosse Brass Figures
Please welcome Anna of Sub-studio back to Maquette today!

Okay, so these might not actually be appropriate for a child, since babies will put almost anything in their mouths, but they are certainly appropriate for you and I, and would be super cute on some out-of-reach shelf in your kid’s bedroom. The Bosse Brass Figures are an awesome collection of miniatures (originally from the 1940s!) made out of brass. Walter Bosse polished off the patina on each animal to create expressions and details. Lovely and minimal.

I want them too Anna!  They’d look so great peeking out from a bookcase or even perched atop a mantle!

Thanks again for getting so many wonderful guest posts together for Maquette. I have been so happy to have them for days when baby Henry says “mom, pay attention to me instead of blogging”!!