20/10 Vision at Gallery Hanahou

all you need is love_ samantha hahn
I’m thrilled to be part of a group art show with some of my absolute favorite artists from around the world to my back yard here in Brooklyn. Save the date if you will be in Manhattan on January 21tst from 7-9pm. Gallery Hanahou is located at 611 Broadway #730 (right off E. Houston).

20/10 Vision
Everyone knows that 20/20 vision is good, but 20/10 is even better. in January 2010, gallery hanahou is ringing in the new decade with a group show that doesn’t need to squint to see a better future.

“20/10 Vision” will comprise new, original artwork from more than 40 artists with the theme of positive visions for the new decade. The works in the show will be reasonably priced so that visitors can afford to start their new year with new art.

Participating Artists:
Marcus Oakley
Aaron Meshon
Alice Stevenson
Alison C Nguyen
Ben Chalapek
Chris Mendoza
Dean Landry
DYEZU (Naomi Kazama)
Emily Eibel
Eveline Tarunadjaja
Fanny Bostrom
Henrietta Harris
Ilana Kohn
Jennifer Garcia
JK5 (Joseph Aloi)
Jun Marie
Karen Ingram
Kenji Hirata
Kirsten Ulve
Lena Corwin
Marc Johns
Michael C Hsiung
Mike Houston
Mike Ming
Mike Perry
Tanja Misery
Naomi Kazama
Olimpia Zagnoli
Oliver Jeffers
Ryan Berkley
Samantha Hahn
Sara Antoinette Martin
Sara Singh
Shane Jessup
Shen Plum
Team Macho
Tina Berning
Uninhabitable Mansions
Vivienne Strauss
Yunmee Kyong
Yuri Shimojo