Maquette nominated for “Favourite Handmade Artist’s Blog” in the Poppies

Maquette nominated for -Favourite Handmade Artist's Blog- in the Poppies!
Wow! I’m honored to have been nominated for “Favourite Handmade Artist’s Blog” over at Poppytalk in the Poppies- intended to bring more awareness to the handmade community.

What started as a little blog where I could post my own work has turned into a collection of what I find inspiring in the art, design, fashion and craft world….and also a place to post my projects. Maquette has connected me with so many artists, designers, bloggers and readers who are also passionate about their artistic community. It means the world to me to be nominated in this category.

If you’d like to vote for me that’d be great! I’m so thrilled to be on the list with so many other blogs I love to read daily.

You can vote once a day this week for: