Leigh Pennebaker: Wire dresses

Leigh Pennebaker
Now that I’m a mom I’m starting to discover the wonderful world of mom blogs, or rather blogs by moms who are also artists, designers and writers. A few of my favorites are Coquette Maman, Design Mom and Marvelous Kiddo.

Marvelous Kiddo is penned by the incredible Leigh Pennebaker whose amazing wire dress sculptures I recently discovered. They’ve been featured in the window at Saks, Barneys and more high end shops, studios and private collections.

I love what Leigh says about her own sculptures “My sculpture deals with a lifelong fascination with fashion, women, and beauty. I view my work as three-dimensional caricature through which I channel the spirits of southern belles, divas, vixens and ingenues.”

Each of Leigh’s wire dresses explores the female form and gesture. I love the energy and movement present. I hope someday Leigh will make a video of her working  with the wire to create these beautiful forms.

Leigh just posted my birth story on Marvelous Kiddo.