Mac Attack: Stunning and delectable macarons


I’m obsessed with macarons. They’re my favorite, absolutely favorite dessert. I first tasted them at Payard. It was love at first taste. My best memories of them were during my honeymoon in Paris. I swear we had them for lunch-dessert and then again for dinner-dessert. Everyone touts Laduree but you can get them anywhere in Paris and they’re swoon worthy. It’s not just the taste though. I think as a visual person I take macarons as a visual feast as well as a literal one.

Check out Macaronage ( the source of the images above) for some enticing photos of dreamy, colorful, delicious macarons.

Here are some of my other swoons on macarons:

  1. Candied chestnut macarons by Mad Baker
  2. Dusty purple macarons and apparel to match
  3. Chocolate macarons
  4. Macaron dishware
  5. Stunning color palette of macarons
  6. My macaron snap shot in Paris
  7. Macarons in the box in Paris