Country get-away gear

cabin weekend

Oh how I love my urban home… but sometimes the almost hour long commute on the subway each morning takes it’s toll and I dream of escaping my urban surroundings to a rustic cabin surrounded by rustling leaves and sweet smelling grass. I’d love to hike in the forest and hear nothing but the sounds of birds chirping, take a dip in a lake and have a picnic in a meadow with wild flowers.

Here are a few items for my imaginary get away:

  1. Cabin blouse by Foret etsy (perfect for the picnic)
  2. Anna Aden Cabin photograph (here’s where I’d go)
  3. Vintage canvas and leather belt from Good Grace etsy (good for hiking shorts or a sundress)
  4. Organic deer journal by disconsolator etsy (I’ll need this to sketch some flowers and my view from the mountain top)
  5. Vintage woven sandals from Astral Boutique etsy (good for walking over the the hammock for stargazing at night)
  6. Tartan plaid suitcase from Good Grace etsy (I’d pack light and this would be great for my imaginary little Volkswagon that would get us to the cabin from our city home)