Brvtvs Jewelry


You know when you meet someone and you just become fast friends? For whatever reason you just like that person immediatly? Well that happened to me the other weekend at Joanna‘s baby shower. I met Caroline. She’s gorgeous, sweet, engaging and she also happens to be super creative. She is the creator of a stunning jewelry line Brvtvs (pronounced Brutus). I saw the pieces in person adorning her wrist and neck. They were so delicate and fine. You would automatically look elegant and effortless in the same beat. I want all of Caroline’s pieces, especially the ones featured above:

  1. Claudia bracelet
  2. Plain Brvtvs necklace
  3. Mint Brvtvs necklace

I needed to add some ‘how-t0’s’ to my portfolio so I used Caroline’s messy bun as reference. Here’s my illustration.