DIY: Mark Frauenfelder’s way (+gifts for dads)

father's day gift round-up (mark frauenfelder)

Made by Hand

Make Frauenfelder (editor of Make and founder of Boing Boing) is guest curator over at Etsy, plus he has a great new book about DIY out now called Made By Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World. He recently spent a year trying a variety of offbeat projects such as keeping chickens and bees, tricking out his espresso machine, whittling wooden spoons, making guitars out of cigar boxes, and doing citizen science with his daughters in the garage. His whole family found that working with their hands and minds helped them feel more engaged with the world around them.

I have to add that my husband edited Mark’s book. He’s been asking me if we can keep bees and chickens. He thinks I’m mean for telling him no. Our little Brooklyn apartment could not contain them! Nonetheless, it’s a fascinating book on the ever-growing DIY movement. And I’m totally on board if he wants to make us espresso.

Here are my favorite picks for dad’s day from Mark’s Etsy round-up:

  1. Aged leather sheath for the ipad
  2. Wooden ipod doc with speakers
  3. Espresso tamper
  4. Gentleman’s custom pocket knife
  5. Pick up a copy of Mark’s book for your dad, husband or self here.