Great beach poster

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Saturday night we went out for a date when baby Henry went to sleep (the babysitter just had to hang out eating snacks and watching a movie because we can’t resist putting him to bed ourselves). We walked along the high line, it was really beautiful. Sunday we celebrated father’s day. It was my husband’s first. Henry decided to stand up in his crib! It’s a big milestone. He’s not even 8 months old so it was kind of surprising. Now I’m so nervous he’ll fall over and clonk his little head but I’m trying to be relaxed about everything and not look worried when he looks at me to see my reactions.

It’s supposed to be a really hot week. I hate hot weather because I love to walk around and lay in the park with Henry. The heat makes us feel so languid. So I hope it will rain tomorrow afternoon and blow some of the heat away!

The only time I love heat is when we’re at the beach.

This is such a great poster– via Grain Edit.