July 4th: A day in the park

July 4th in the park

  1. APC striped tee shirt from Bird
  2. Burmuda jean shorts from the Gap
  3. Alkemie whistle necklace from Shopbop
  4. J.W Hulme Co. Legacy mini cross body bag from Shopbop
  5. The Sunset sandal from Madewell

We’re going to our friend’s backyard for a July 4th get-together. It should be really fun. We were planning on a picnic in the park like we did last year but the backyard is preferable to the crowds and crowds of people who all had the same idea as us to find a shady tree to sit under. So lucky us, we will get to sit under a Japanese maple and eat ice cream sandwiches. Still I think this park outfit could go anywhere!