Maquette’s 3 year anniversary!

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging since August 2007. It’s been so incredible along the way to connect with bloggers and readers! Some of whom have become true and dear friends outside the virtual world.

Thank you for tuning in to listen to my musings about the things that inspire me or just to look at my daily drawings and illustrations.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.

For this occasion I thought it would be fun to round up some posts from over the years and re-share them (in doing so I feel my life flashing before my eyes). Hope you enjoy! All my love.

  1. Marie Claire illustrations 2010
  2. Got an agent 2010
  3. Print and Pattern book out 2010
  4. 20/10 show at Gallery Hanahou 2010
  5. Had a baby 2010
  6. Hipster illustration 2009
  7. Der Bilderklub 2009
  8. Tyler Bender collaboration 2009
  9. My pattern chair 2009
  10. Mini journal how-to in Bust Magazine 2009
  11. My pattern for Spoonflower article in Craft Magazine 2009
  12. Illustration in Glamour and Craft magazines 2008
  13. Got married 2008
  14. First surface pattern show 2008
  15. Interview with me in Foam Magazine 2008
  16. Maquette gift guide 2007
  17. a drawing a day for 31 days 2007
  18. paintings and drawings from 2007