Sunset vintage ring

stunning ring

I’m more into colorful stones over diamonds. My engagement ring is Brazillian tourmaline in an emerald green surrounded by tiny yellow sapphires. It looks vintage in a cushion cut. But I am head over heels obsessed with this ring. I looooove the cut. I would actually prefer (if I could design it for myself that is) for it to be blue sapphire or aqua marine surrounded by the rubies or something pinkish. The cut is just amazing to me though. I love art deco rings….sigh. Someday (if I hit it big) I’ll get one made and wear it until I could hand it down to my granddaughter or Henry’s wife! Eek, he’s only turning one year old next week, I’d better slow down.

Other vintage rings I love:

**Here’s a close up of my engagement ring. My friend, an amazing designer made it for us! Check out on the Mari Tome Jewelry site.