Happy November!

autumn girls

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween! We celebrated Henry’s 1st birthday this weekend with a costume party for the kiddies with delicious muffins, bagels, cupcakes and chocolate dipped pretzel goodie bags for the adults. There was guitar playing, running/crawling around and an overall atmosphere of warmth and fun. Henry shared the day with his girl friend Nico who is one day younger. She was a duck and he was a French sailor. I will share photos of this one I promise! For now, here’s a painting of some autumn gals for you. I relish the colorful leaves and hope we get a couple more weeks with the bright colors before everything goes all stark for winter. XO.


p.s did you see Anna and Sean of Sub-Studio on Halloween? Their costumes were genius. They also attended Henry’s b’day to see what’s in store for their yet to be born little one. If you don’t already follow and love Sub-Studio check them out. They’re the absolute best designers, artists, curators and people in the universe.