Blizzard time lapse

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.

This staycation has been bitter sweet for us. We’ve been happy to be able to stay home and have nice family time but baby Henry has a little bug that won’t let up. Still, we’ve been pulling his chair over to the window and feeding him there so he can gaze at the winter wonderland. It is really spectacular. I’ve never seen a blizzard like this in Brooklyn. The snow was pouring out of the sky and the ground quickly became a shimmering blanket. The street lights looked so magical, like little orange orbs.

Today we bundled Henry up and my husband wore him all zipped up in his coat. We walked in the knee deep snow and pointed at the glimmering trees. It was amazingly quiet. Our street was not ploughed at all. For blocks and blocks there were no moving cars. A few cars had been parked in the middle of the street. Probably their drivers could not proceed through the thick snow and had to leave them there. Even now that a whole day has passed, it’s peaceful and still aside from little wind gusts outside the window now and again.

I love this time lapse of the blizzard
(thanks for sending it to me Dave)