New Years Day: Leigh Pennebaker’s resolutions

leigh Pennebaker's resolutions

This will be my first post of 2011 and my last post with resolutions.  These belong to the beautiful and talented Leigh Pennebaker of Marvelous Kiddo:

1.  Become a better listener, especially with my own children
2.  Design and sew something that I can wear
3.  Stop ordering so much delivery
4.  Dance a little every day
5.  Read more books

I love Leigh’s resolutions. If you have a kid or plan to have one you have to read her blog. She featured my birth story on it a while back. I featured her sculptures.


New Years day here in Brooklyn is shaping up nicely. We got up with baby Henry to play all morning and take a little stroll. Then prepared brunch for my best friend and her fiance who are about to take a 6 month trip around south east Asia ending up in Paris (I’ll miss her) where they’ll get married in a small ceremony (romantic huh?!).

The blizzard snow is melting away. One of my minor resolutions is to get more active again. I used to run a lot and since having a baby I have just not been diligent about it. When he goes to sleep I want to spend time with my husband or work on illustration but resolutions are always hard to keep so if you want something to happen you have to make it happen. We plan to take turns a few days a week jogging in the cold, pitch dark mornings. It sounds bad but I know in the end I’ll be so happy. We’re starting Monday.

Good luck with your resolutions and have a lovely start to your year ; )