Busy weekend & daily drawing

70's girl 2

Friday night my bff and I hosted a bon voyage party for our other bff who is about to go on a 6 month adventure. I was tired before the party but once I got there it was a blast. Nothing can replace the bond between friends who have known each other for over 16 years! When we’re together we just laugh and laugh!

Saturday I went to Anna‘s (of Sub-Studio) baby shower at Francois Chocolate Bar. The attendees were treated to macaron, chocolatly parfaits and spicy hot chocolate. As party favors the hostess of the party snapped polaroids of the guests with Anna. What a clever idea!

After a super fun weekend, I enjoyed a Sunday with my family. We went for a chilly walk and had some yummy meals together. I also had the chance to do some work at my drawing table and the daily drawing above.

me and anna