erin fetherston home

I love this photo of Erin Fetherston in her eclectic, airy apartment.

Read the full article about it here.

Now that we are plotting our move from Brooklyn back to Manhattan my mind is buzzing with ideas and questions about how we’ll create our new space. I’ll be working from home so I’ll need to set up a nice home studio. Still I really want the space to feel serene and cozy and most of all un-cluttered. How can we create the perfect work/living space balance? We have to start somewhere so I’m going to paint over the summer before we move. I have my colors picked out already (atmosphere blue, pumice, latte…to name a few). I’d like to share photos of our progress with you if you are interested? I promise not to become a home decor blogger ; )

This weekend we’re going to celebrate Joanna’s son Toby’s 1st b’day and take my parents to the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn.