Essie Bright Nights nail polish

Essie Bright Nights manicure

This has been an insane summer. I’ve never had more work. I can’t wait to share the illustrations when they’re published. I’ve also done countless new pieces for my solo show. We’ve been gearing up for our move to Manhattan from our lovely little Brooklyn Brownstone apt too. It will be a big change but the new space will be a great one to live and work in (another thing I can’t wait to share with you).

I took it upon myself to paint the whole apt. It seemed like a good idea but took a loooooonnng time. It’s a big space  for a girl to paint. Then we lost my dad. My mind was swimming and I felt like crawling into bed and staying there but instead I did everything else and you know what? It helped keep me focused. My dad would want us to carry on and find joy in life.

Yesterday was the last day of painting. When I finished I pulled all the tape from the walls and paper from the floor. It was very rewarding to see how nice the colors looked in the space. I’m obsessed with color as you may or may not know as a Maquette reader. I have not taken much time to relax so I decided to get a manicure on my way back to Brooklyn. It felt really nice after that big job and I love the vibrant color on my hands. It gives me a little burst of joy when I see my hands typing, illustrating, washing dishes or picking up my son.

Do you have a favorite nail polish this summer?

• My current color is Essie Bright Nights

• Have you seen this confetti/ CMYK manicure on Design Crush?